Small Tales: Making Us Feel Like Kids Again!

As we get closer and closer to completion, little things keep popping up over Small Tales Early Learning and Daycare Center. One day a playground appears and the next a puppet show booth is beckoning for us to go inside! The Lotus Team has worked tirelessly to complete this project, making sure that it truly is the place of kids dreams. Finding the perfect balance can be hard; we want to satisfy a parent’s wishes and expectations while ensuring a kid will spend every day smiling. So far, it seems like we have definitely hit the sweet spot!

Books line every room of the center and toys and interactive games pour into every classroom. The brightly colored murals bring the walls to life and the giant bulletin boards will be able to hold any information a parent might need. The center has become this amazing place, a place that feels like it is full of possibility, charm, and potential. We are so grateful to have the community support, the hard working team that we do, and the daycare staff that brings years of experience to teach the children of our community!

While we await the final approvals and certifications necessary to open our doors, we want to keep everyone updated on our progress and what this magical place is looking like! Check out our photos and comment! We love community feedback, it lets us know what is great and what could be better. Thanks for following us and our progress, we can’t wait for you to see what is in store. Stay tuned for updates on our Community Appreciation Day, Open House, and Inauguration (with a very special guest)!

rainbow fish


puppet show



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