Beloved Teacher, Local Legend Becomes Part of the Small Tales Family

A child’s first educators are people they will always hold close to their hearts; It is hard to forget our first grade teacher who knew all those magic tricks, our preschool aide who always had the best jellybeans, or our kindergarten teacher that taught us some of our favorite games. These special people have the opportunity to encourage a child’s many “firsts” and in many ways mold their paths of learning. A first teacher is a second mom or dad, a new best friend, a hero; they take on a role in a child’s life that is one part education and one part magic.

Finding the perfect person to fill these shoes is not an easy task. All across the globe parents take the time to search for a first babysitter, memorable caretaker, and playful preschool teacher who will exceed their expectations. Parents want their children to feel comfortable, to learn how to become familiar with new surroundings, and most importantly to have a nurturing, loving caretaker. In small town Warrensburg, New York, searching for the perfect “first” has never been issue thanks to Ms.Higgins.

Jan Higgins founded Hobby Horse Playschool in 1974 when she saw the need for a child care facility in our area. Ever since then, the playschool has been a stand out in the community, a family tradition, an unwritten “initiation” to WCS and  a local staple. Jan has had decades of experience and this year had her first third-generation student! Her dedication to her students and passion for what she does is visible in her welcoming smile, audible in her honest voice, and felt in her tight, generous hugs. Jan loves what she does and it shines right through her for everyone to see; parents love Ms. Higgins and children never forget her.

The Lotus Group has struck gold as Ms. Higgins (and awesome assistant teacher Leigh Cain!) will now be teaching Play School at Small Tales Early Learning Center and Daycare on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. With her memorable rhymes, catchy sayings, and age-old songs Jan is bringing with her everything that our center could wish for. A new, modern, fresh take on learning is being paired with a Warrensburg tradition-how much better could it get?

We can’t wait to bring Jan’s experience, sunny disposition, and quirky sense of humor to our team. With Jan’s help, the possibilities are endless. We are so thankful that such a renowned educator has decided to be a part of our center; Jan is truly the best at what she does.


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